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Black butler is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the same title by yana. Ciel said as he sat in his study looking at the slightly worn poster of the noahs ark circus. Joker shouts guiding his hand up to the lady in all white. Pretty soon, he was running around the doll shop and dancing around, laughing and smiling. When adopting the persona as a firststring member of the noahs ark circus, doll appears solemn and taciturn in expression and manner. Why the doll smiles, a kuroshitsuji fanfic fanfiction. You just can get a suitable and original one costume from onecos 2. When adopting the persona as a firststring member of the noahs ark circus, doll appears solemn and taciturn in expression and manner however, when disguised as freckles, doll is cordial, welcoming, and somehow innocent, befriending ciel phantomhive shortly after they were named tent mates. He is the son of vincent and rachel phantomhive and the younger twin brother of ciel phantomhive.

I think he realizes this later because by the 2nd tv series ciel has become in many ways like doll by the end. Book of circus ciel x reader part 1 by createthings on. He had lived through quite a bit to get to where she was. He screams in pain while you were laughing like a maniac. Ciel has been discovered in a restricted area of the circus by doll, a first tier. Onecos always offer the best service for you,and we factory boast above 50 professional designer and tailor to costume it for you, so please believe onecos 3. Main page phantomhive household ciel phantomhive sebastian michaelis ciels. Death responded, because you are a beautiful lie and i am a painful truth. Will butterfly stay the innocent girl she is or will she loose her innocence to these mysterious men. Ciels one blue eye opened, blinking a few times before focusing on you. See more ideas about ciel phantomhive, black butler kuroshitsuji and black butler. Tags animemanga fanfiction romance kuroshitsuji black butler book of circus kuroshitsuji book of circus ciel ciel phantomhive.

When ciel tells her that he killed the rest of the circus crew, doll completely breaks down and loses herself in a murderous rage. Written as a christmas request for my friend ciara, who absolutely adores this pairing. Alois finds an interesting new way to torment his favourite plaything. You watched as the beautiful young woman finished out her amazing performance, where afterwards a beasttamer emerged, a flaming hoop and a whip set up for her performance. The girl knew how to hold a blade, in a way ciel both envied and was astonished by. In the manga, i read in kuroshitsuji wiki, ciel is more cruel to doll.

She seems to judge it a necessity to look after him, waking him up when. His butler, colleague another very beautiful episode from the fabulous kuroshitsuji and i could not keep my eyes off of doll the entire time because she is just so lovely. Doll x oc x ciel some parts of book of circus will be twisted it is not following the episodes word for word. Again the barons psychotic claps and laughing filled the air. The luxury liner arc is the sixth arc of the kuroshitsuji manga. Tags animemanga fanfiction romance black butler sebastian ciel doll circus ark noahs circus reader snake joker beast. Wouldnt know about toysbut i take it thats not the only reason you ventured this far from london with three girls is it. However, when disguised as freckles, doll is cordial, welcoming, and somehow innocent, befriending ciel phantomhive shortly after they were named tent mates. Sakasu no sho is a kuroshitsuji, black butler television series and the third season of the kuroshitsuji anime, that premiered in the animeism block on july 11, 2014, with a new episode released every friday japanese central time. Ciel is a short thirteenyearold boy with bluishblack hair and rich. Going back to circus hen, what fans really hated, as did i, that ciel ordered sebastian to kill dollfreckles. Butterfly was known as the circus princess along side doll for her innocent yet beautiful features.

At thirteen, ciel knew how to handle a sword, even if he was better at guns, at least enough to hold his own in combat. What happens when two mysterious people join the circus. Completed circus love ciel phantomhive x reader fanfiction ln yn, a kind girl at noahs ark circus, her stage name is flower, because she wears a pink wig, a green dress and has eyes that can change color at will or when she feels some emotions. The circus arc is the fourth arc of the kuroshitsuji manga plot. Ciel funny moment dolls identity english dubbed youtube.

On the inside, you were happy doll had come in, you didnt want to have to hurt ciel. If you buy it from onecos,you can contact our costumer service any time. I want joker, dagger, beast, doll and snake to be presented in front of the queen and she can decide what to do with them. Of the 101802 characters on anime characters database, 23 are from the anime black butler. O i was totally floored and had to stop everything just to read it. Book of circus episode 9 discussion on myanimelist, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world. Beast, doll and wendy seemed to settle a bit as the earl looked at them with a smile no, although this was partly a business venture. Ciel looks identical to his brother and they have been stated to be mirror twins, but unlike ciel, he does not bear a faustian contract mark on his right eye. Ciel waved a hand dolls limbs and artificial human ones, there is no difference.

A death defying tightrope walk by the circus princess, doll. Fetch pulled from the circus ciel phantomhive x reader. A deathdefying tightrope walk by the circus princess, doll. In which sebastian is a man whore and ciel is a cutie pie, soma is hilarious as always, doll breaks my heart and joker is still very beautiful. Sebastian asks if everyone joined while the noahs ark circus was on tour, and joker. If there are any sebaciel fans this is the book for you and also i will be updating this book twice every day. Let me just say i have not read the circus ark in the manga though i plan to do so, for now this will be based off the book of circus part of the anime.

Laughing, joker reveals that the other firsttier members have gone to his. Earl ciel phantomhive, shieru fantomuhaivu is the current head of the phantomhive house, the notorious queens watchdog, the owner of the funtom corporation, and an aristocrat of evil. Book of the atlantic earl n butler lessons requested english dubbed duration. Black butler noahs ark circus characters tv tropes. Ciel phantomhive, shieru fantomuhaivu is the true head of the phantomhive house. Doll of phantomhive manor chapter 1, a kuroshitsuji fanfic. She then made the mistake of trying to attack ciel and sebastian. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. It is actually the worst thing ciel ever did in his life. I did not realize you can be so energetic, drocell said, leaning against the wall as he watched the slightest ghost of a smile graced his lips.

Everyone around burst out laughing, but i look to my side and the boy. You looked over at him, emotionless as always and bowed. Will doll save her sweet butterfly before its to late. Doll is not modest, as shown when she attempted to get ciel to take a bath and offered to. Kuroshitsuji black butler book of circus doll cosplay on. A sweet, oblivious neko, she has caught two of the guys atten. They are researching about the children they have been asked to investigate and determined that there had been no increase in corpses. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Sebastian michaelis and ciel phantomhive have entered a room of the scotland yard to get files and information, taking advantage of arthur randalls absence. Tags animemanga fanfiction humor kuroshitsuji book of circus blac anime black butler book circus side authors note. Ciel waved a hand doll s limbs and artificial human ones, there is no difference.

Joker introduced the pair to the circus as black and smile. I spin backwards in the air and grab another trapeze and flew across the air laughing. As the baby of the bunch for the firsttier members. Ciel sat totally at ease calm down, we are perfectly safe. I wasnt expecting anything from yana for a couple of weeks, but the other day, i saw a side story for black butler. Ciel could tell by her reaction that she wasnt aware of this. Ciel took drocells hands, to the dollmakers surprise. A different life chapter 1, a kuroshitsuji fanfic fanfiction. Freckles laughing at ciel when he had mustard on his face, ciel laughing at freckles when she went all out on improve when telling a story. The long awaited 3rd season of black butler comes to home video. Explicit sexual encounters involving males, noncon. It is a major conflict that depicts ciel phantomhive and sebastian michaelis investigating the matters of the illegal human experiments the conflict started when lau and ranmao informed ciel and sebastian of the karnstein hospitals doctors committing illegal experiments in order to revive the dead. Spears in the previous episode, both ciel and sebastian realise that theres definitely something not quite right with this circus and try to get some. Kuroshitsuji black butler book of circus doll cosplay kuroshitsuji black butler book of circus doll cosplay costumes and more costumes are available at tailor made service is suppor read more.

Book of circus, doll kuroshitsuji, ciel phantomhive, fanart, artist reque. Freckles and ciel than walked to the nearby park and hung out. Kuroshitsuji black butler book of the atlantic funny. Rose is a graduate student in musicology, who has written about anime and many other topics for lgbt site and. Sakasu no sho, premiered on july 10, 2014, and concluded on september 12. You arent being forced to join the circus, ciel i said as i turn to emmett who hands me my clothes youre passing a test and getting them to admit you i say as i went towards the bathroom. Book of the circus, kitty fanfiction life asked death, why do people love me but hate you. This time ciel and sebastian investigate the disappearance of children in london. Doll, doru is a firststring member of the noahs ark circus. Forever mine, my beautiful doll chapter 1, a kuroshitsuji. Brainwashing and drugging the kidnapped children and making them perform deadly circus acts and using their body parts in constructing artifical limbs. A brilliant cosplay of doll from black butler kuroshitsuji. See more ideas about black butler, butler and black butler doll.

They bought some hot dogs and soda, talked about themselves, listening to set it off, and laughing at each others stories and goofiness. Ciels laughing mad moment at the end of the circus arc in the manga is terrifying. Book of circus is currently streaming on funimation. Book of circus ciels maniacal laugh english dubbed. Snake, kuroshitsuji i look different from everyone else, and since im with you, people will laugh at you. I cant say the samethe kuroshit anime was a bit too overthetop for me to handle.

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