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Having one signifies that one is a student of the faculty of engineering. Only this story and any characters i create are mine. Apr 24, 2020 sotus s lgbtedit singto prachaya krist perawat kongpob x arthit thai drama gmmtv sotus s the series sotus the series gay lgbt lgbtq gay couple gay couples couples gifs mine happyxy arthit trying to work but his bf is thirsty af lol also im going by the translation on gmmtvs youtube channel so if anythings off im sorry. Full engsub love by chance ep8 youtube watch love by chance thai episode 1 engsub mana. The sotus the series ep 1 eng sub in 2020 our sotus the series ep 1 eng sub articles but see also sotus the series ep 1 eng sub dailymotion.

Today, were going to talk about sotus the series episode 15. Here is the direct link click the word below sotus s the series ep 09. The series part 1 from the story thai bl list by salawolf26 silverwolf26 with 30,537 reads. You can watch the series with english subtitles on youtube. The gear is one of the engineering mechanical devices in the cogwheel system as in a clock.

However, to get one, all engineering freshmen must first undergo the sotus acronym for seniority, order, tradition, unity, and spirit system. This is another show that was originally a bl novel. May 15, 2020 bang rak soi 9 1 eng subs episode 1 55. Sotus s the series episode 9 engsub video dailymotion. The series episode 3 english subtitles, watch sotus. Love by chance the series ep 3 eng sub video dailymotion love by chance eng sub by kotcholover dailymotion eng sub bl love by chance ep. Fast forward 2 years later, kongpob is now the head. And this time, we will be recapping sotus the series. Sotus s the series episode 8 engsub video dailymotion. Its another thailand tv show focusing on boys love. E sobre a severa ordem, tradicao, unidade e espirito da universidade sotus. Click on link below or watch the video is being blocked on you tube but ill keep trying to upload the videos. The best twin series part 3 of loves coming movies eng subs.

Dec 24, 2016 the gear is one of the engineering mechanical devices in the cogwheel system as in a clock. You can already watch on dailymotion the one that translate is gearfansub team, they translate to chinese and english. Today, were going to be talking about sotus the series episode 1. I recommend checking it out but the novel isnt officially translated into english yet. Apparently that country is having a sort of renaissance for lgbt tv stories. More episode 4 s02e04 is the fourth episode of season two of sotus. Sotus the series season 1, ep 1 eng sub video dailymotion.

Mar 21, 2019 watch sotus the series season 1, ep 1 eng sub papi kiki on dailymotion. Dec 17, 2017 sotus s the series episode 1 english subbed. If youre new to sotus the series, the tv show is a romantic drama from thailand. Arthit, one of the third year seniors, often abuses his power over the freshmen by. The series episode air dates and to stay in touch with sotus. Credits sotus s the series subbed by delightful of pinkmilk encoded and uploaded by jcm based on sotus s the novel by bittersweet. Primary details cover image related titles cast crew genres tags release information production information report. In this post you will find the full first episode divided in 4 subepisodes, with english subtitles the casting. Episode no original air date 1 august 20, 2016 the happy atmosphere of the freshmen orientation is quickly cut short when the group of thirdyear hazers led by arthit, barge in to explain the faculty rules and the sotus system, explaining that in order for the seniors to truly see the first years as their juniors, they have to earn the gear badge. Arthit, one of the third year seniors, often abuses his power over the freshmen by making them do things against the rules.

The series next episode air date and your others favorite tv shows. One bl pilipinas sotus s the series ep 12 eng sub facebook. Sotus theseries, is a thai tv drama released by gmm tv and broadcasted by line tv starting 2016. Add the shows you like to a watchlist and let the site take it from there. Beloved enemy eng subs bl edited out episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 episode 4 episode 5 episode 6 episode 7 episode 8 episode 9 episode 10 episode 11 episode 12 episode episode 14 episode 15. Sotus s the series episode 5 engsub facebook watch. During kongpobs final year, he needs to find an internship company, and requests to work alongside with arthit over h. Having one signifies that one is a student of the faculty. Download exo showtime ep 1 12 end eng sub new link. One is arthit, a junior whos in charge of the sotus system. The series episode 1 english sub has been released.

The series is a boys love story which takes place in the faculty of engineering in season 1 and in the ocean company where one student arthit find a job when the other one kongpob becomes the head hazer of the faculty. Sotus s the series episode 1 english subbed dailymotion. Gmm plans to release the sotus episodes a month after they air and sub them then so even if krist fan clubs videos get taken down eventually, gmm tv will post and sub them in the fall at least. The series ep 3 in dramafire, dramacool, kissasian, myasiantv, hdfree, dramanice, dramatv, youtube, sotus. The one who is forever late and forever behind the schedule. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please bookmark and add us on facebook for update enjoy. The series specifically focuses on two university students. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform.

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