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Old time fiddle tunes penn state mechanical engineering. Whatever ones interest, the old town school provides broad access to more than 700 accredited class offerings, private lessons, and workshops that span an array of artistic genres. The way of the fiddle one fiddlers collection of oldtime tunes. Folk music index an index to recorded and print resources, by jane keefer. Founded in 1957, the old town school of folk music provides a wide range of music, dance, theater, and visual arts courses to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The millinerkoken book lists all cross tunes in the key of a aeae despite what cross tuned pitch the fiddler may have been using. Free irish fiddle sheet music the butterfly fiddle. Jul 17, 2014 free irish fiddle sheet music the butterfly in two versions, with chords for guitar or fiddle backup. Emphasis is on learning and playing by ear, and we will happily continue to play many of the great tunes that have been so popular over the years.

We usually post a normal speed mp3 version of the tune and the sheet music pdf, many tunes also have a slow version mp3 to assist in learning the tune by ear. The milliner koken collection of american fiddle tunes note. Pdf digital sheet music to download and print, interactive sheet music. In simple terms, this means please feel free to use them for personal or professional purposes, just be sure to give me appropriate credit. If you discover a tune listed that has a composer, please contact me so that i can correct it. This is a collection of oldtime fiddle tunes most of them from appalachia in pdf format. Fiddle collection, famous fiddle tunes sheet music for. Jcs abc tune finder searchable index of tunes in text, abc, postscript, pdf, gif, png, and midi formats pdf is easiest to read. A random assortment of resources for sheet music, tablature, lyrics and recordings of mostly american traditional music. You can also save the pdf to your computer for use on any device that can read pdf files ipad, kindle, etc. Fiddle sheet music and music books sheet music plus.

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