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Types of fire extinguisher in australia all you need to know february 02, 2018 there are 5 main fire extinguisher types in australia water, foam, dry powder, co2 and wet chemical. It was approved on behalf of the council of standards australia on 9 december 2008 and on behalf of the council of standards new zealand on 9. The australia use a different classification system from usa, uk and europe. Water fire extinguishers are completely red with no coloured band. Its safe to do so considering the size and location of the fire your extinguisher will only last 1015 seconds. The requirements for the location of portable fire extinguishers is governed by the australian standard as2444. Exelgard is able to provide protection for all types and classes of fires. In australia there are mainly 6 types of fire extinguishers which can be. Fire extinguishers in the home should be stored so they are easy to get to but are away from areas likely to catch fire. Importantly both extinguisher types carry prescribed instructions and.

If you have a fire extinguisher in your home, youll be better prepared to put out small fires before they become big ones. Recommended maintenance choose a fire extinguisher approved by australian standards. Benchmark product certification fire detection, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers. Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems system design, installation and commissioning fire. At jims fire safety, we work with our customers to provide them with accurate insightful information about how they should store and locate their fire extinguishers. Detailed fire extinguisher testing records and reports for compliance purposes. There are several different kinds of extinguishers. Fire extinguishers, co2, water, powder, wet chemical. The standard applying to fire extinguishers is specified in the australian standard as 1851 maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.

Please consult the contact officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. Australian standard as 1848 portable fire extinguishers halon type these standards specify requirements for the manufacture, design and use of fire extinguishers. Water and foam based extinguishers should not be used on fires involving an electrical. Adopts and varies australiannew zealand standard asnzs 1841. The rule of thumb is if you can not put a fire out with one extinguisher then the fire is too big to fight. Portable fire extinguishers requirements for different types eg. However, they must be of the correct type for the particular fire, and they must be used correctly. This joint australiannew zealand standard was prepared by joint technical. Some put out grease fires, wood fires and electrical fires. You can also contact us on 0 730 4, or submit an online enquiry, so that our fire experts can guide you on which standard best applies to your product and intended customers.

Fire and rescue nsw frnsw has undertaken a smoke alarm testing program that provides. Fire extinguisher selection chart australian standard 2444 post 1999 type of extinguisher class type of fire water foam wet chemical co2 dry chemical vaporising liquid a ordinary combustibles wood, paper etc 3 yes most suitable 3 yes 3 yes 3 yes not very suitable 3 yes be powders not suitable 3 yes b flammable liquids 2 no 3 yes special foam. The regulatory reform fire safety order 2005 acknowledges that fire extinguishers should be provided, commission and maintained in accordance with the recommendations contained within british standard bs5306. The extinguisher must be the right type for the fire. The fire must be discovered in its incipient stage for the extinguisher to be effective. Extinguisher tips australian standard 2444 as 2444 portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets provides comprehensive information on selection and location. Guide for the selection and location of portable fire extinguishers. A mandatory standard for portable fire extinguishers was first declared in 1978 due to the presence on the australian market of badly designed, poorly made fire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers consultation paper accc consultation. The mandatory standard is based on certain sections of the voluntary australian new zealand asnzs 1841.

Fire extinguisher standards a new harmonised european standard on fire extinguishers bs en3 came into effect on 1st jan 1997 providing a single standard for fire extinguishers across europe. Bs en3 is the standard now used for the specification, manufacturing and purchase. Australian standard as 24442001 portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets selection and location western australia. Fire extinguisher location requirements by john carmichael. The information on the chart complies with australian standards as2444 and as3745. Explain the critical factors pertaining to the extinguishing of a fire by means of a portable fire extinguisher. With locations around australia and one of australasias largest teams of portable fire equipment technicians, we are also there to help you with selecting the correct fire extinguisher, installation, training and servicing. A serviced and functional fire extinguisher or fire hose reel on. Review the fire extinguisher chart to understand which fire extinguishers to use on which types of fires. Australian businesses are required to provide a safe working. Australian standard as 18471985 portable fire extinguishers carbon dioxide type australian standard as 1848 portable fire extinguishers halon type these standards specify requirements for the manufacture, design and use of fire extinguishers. Fire blankets effective for oil and fat fires within saucepans and are effective for extinguishing clothes that catch on fire.

Fire extinguishers have a coloured band to denote their contents. Fire extinguisher british standards compass fire risk. Wormald offers a range of portable fire extinguishers to suit all types and classes of fires. The extinguisher and fire point location signs shall have a symbol, border and letters in white on a red field, complying with australian standard as 2700. A common type is the abc extinguisher, which is for use in fighting class a, b, and c fires. The successful use of a fire extinguisher depends on the following conditions. This standard specifies requirements for portable fire extinguishers. The department of transportation dot has standards regarding fire extinguishers to help protect the driver in case of a fire. Our fire extinguisher safety posters feature a professional design, is printed on high quality photo paper and delivers the fire extinguisher safety message. Australian standard for fire extinguishers jims fire safety. Fire classification australia this chart let you know which extinguisher to use in handling various types of fires. The locations and types of fires vary considerably. All fire extinguishers must be inspected every six months.

At jims fire safety, we believe in compliance with the australian standard for fire extinguishers, and do our utmost to furnish customers with the appropriate records and reports so that they have a complete file on their fire safety efforts. New and existing businesses can use the business licence finder to get a report, tailored to the information they provide, on the licences, registrations and codes of practice required to operate a business in western australia. The extinguisher must be easily accessible and in good working order. The following projects are being undertaken to ensure the robustness of the nccs fire safety provisions. Fire extinguisher servicing is not a case of simply stamping the maintenance tag and. The location and height of each piece of equipment must adhere to as2444 australian standard for fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher chart australian standard limited indicates that the extinguishant is not the agent of choice for the class of fire, but that it will have a limited extinguishing capability. Asnzs 4353, portable fire extinguishersaerosol type. Every state dot has different standards for fire extinguishers. Types of fire are separated into different classes based on the fuel source involved. In the event of fire in a building, occupant safety and the protection of adjoining property are fundamental requirements of building regulations. You should have the right types of fire extinguisher for. This unit standard will be useful to people who have to extinguish a fire by means of a portable fire extinguisher. This is because using the wrong type of fire extinguisher could have. For example, locate the fire extinguisher at the entrance to the kitchen, not inside the kitchen. Water fire extinguishers are suitable for the following types. There are three relevant parts to this standard that should be acknowledged during the provision and maintenance of your fire extinguishers and these are. Fire extinguishers your online fire extinguishers store.

Selection of fire extinguishers there are a number of types of portable fire extinguishers available in australia. The australian standard as 2444 portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets selection and location will provide comprehensive and. Knowing the classes of fire will help you choose the appropriate extinguisher. It covers materials, methods of manufacture and performance of the extinguisher and any associated compressed gas container, instructions and markings. People credited with this unit standard are able to. All standards are subject to revision and, since any reference to a. Put fire extinguishers close to where they might be needed. Fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situation hydrant and fire hose reel a fire hydrant system in an effective and efficient means of extinguishing large fires. Portable nonaerosol fire extinguishers product safety. Types of fire extinguisher in australia all you need to.

You should have the right types of fire extinguisher for your house or business premises, or you may not meet current regulations. It replaced the old british standard bs 5423, which was withdrawn. There are 5 main fire extinguisher types in australia water, foam, dry powder, co2 and wet chemical. Selection of fire extinguishers there are a number of types of portable fire. Our personnel are also able to assist clients in selecting the correct fire extinguisher for their particular risk. Standards australia is committed to maintaining a contemporary and relevant catalogue of australian standards which add to the net benefit of the australian community. Ensure everyone in the homeoffice knows the location of all. Australian standards overview of the fire safety standards. Fire extinguishers which comply with australian standards are marked with a classification and rating, determined in. Portable fire extinguisher information for business fire. You will be required to comply with this standard if there is any risk of fire at your workplace and you are an employer, main contractor, selfemployed, or otherwise in control of your workplace. Fire detection, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers. Make a new mandatory standard for nonaerosol fire extinguishers and. Also the type of fires it is appropriate and safe to use on.

There are several parts to this australian new zealand standard and the one that will be relevant for your product depends on the type of chemical used in the portable fire extinguisher. Australian standard for fire extinguisher considerations. Portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out or containing fires within the capability of the extinguisher. The business licence finder is a onestopshop for business licensing information. If an extinguisher does not have a pressure gauge, it may need to be weighed to check if. Specific requirements for individual types of fire extinguishers are given in asnzs 1841. This joint australiannew zealand standard was prepared by joint technical committee fp003, fire extinguishers. For businesses, please view our commercial advice on fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are clearly marked with the classes of fires they will extinguish safely. The australian standard as 2444 portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets selection and location will provide comprehensive and specific information. Portable fire extinguishers classification, rating and performance testing. In the event of a small fire in the home, a fire blanket or fire extinguisher can be used to safely.

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