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Japan s feudal period was a time of war, unrest and conflict and was at its core a battle for land and power. Experiencing japanese feudalism lesson plan east asia purpose big concept. For the post assessment, students will create a picture book. Japans feudal culture was in many basic ways more like that of feudal europe than china. Students will research aspects of either european or japanese feudalism. Japanese and european feudalism compare and contrast. Different germanic tribes grabbed land and claimed their pieces. They kept as much land as they wanted for their own use and. The manor was a largely selfsufficient system in which the lords land granted by the king was farmed by his serfs essentially slaves bound to the. Japanese andeuropean feudalism compareandcontrasthomework1na6qgq.

Confucius stressed morality and filial piety, or respect for elders and other superiors. Japanese feudalism was based on the ideas of the chinese philosopher kong qiu or confucius 551479 bce. Feudal powers in japan following chronological order use a time line to record the main periods and events in japanese history from 300 to 0. Feudalism in japan a reassessment comparative studies in. Did japanese feudalism have a positive or negative impact on japan. With the fall of the roman empire, the western side of europe was left in pieces. Use your personal rewrite of this activity as your writing for. Using your notes and the information contained in your textbook on pages 329 u20 333 development of japanese feudalism, 336 u20 filename. Taking notes event 2 event 4 event 1 event 3 setting the stage japan lies east of china, in the direction of the sunrise. Since the beginning of japan as a civilisation it was ruled strongly by the emperors, however, at the beginning of the feudal period in 1185 this changed. Feudalism in shogun japan complete a paragraph by paragraph of this section with an investigate teacher. The development of feudalism in japan and its presence in. Feudalism is the name given to that form and degree of organization and system in european society which existed at a period when there were no strong central governments, when there was no civil equality of persons, and no conception of absolute property in land. In japan, it was the moral duty of the daimyo and samurai to protect the peasants and villagers in their region.

The objective of this anticipatory set is to have students looks critically at the design and structure of a feudal castle in japan as an introduction to japanese. The question of whether japan can rightly be said to have had feudalism is by no means settled. Barons the land that barons leased from the king was known as a manor and the barons were called the lord of the manor. The haiku must be a threelined poem consisting of 17 syllables. Although westerners have been writing about japanese. About japanese feudalism core knowledge foundation. Indicator 3 describe the conditions that gave rise to feudalism, as well as political, economic and social characteristics of feudalism, in asia and europe. History benchmark c describe the characteristics of feudal societies and the transition to the renaissance and reformation in europe. Document 2 the manor was the economic side of feudalism. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What was the cultural basis for the relationships among social groups.

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