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Im using a new template for this seasons rehearsal and performance reports at the reagle players. Once an actor is off book an asm should be following along in the script in case. You are now reading the first report in the series. A brief guide to stage management chipstead players. Stage management handbook wvu theatre west virginia. See more ideas about management, stage and teaching theatre. It includes outcomes achieved, or accomplished through contribution of individuals or teams to the organizations strategic goals. Stage management handbook v4 west virginia university.

If you would like to propose a revision to this handbook, please email the production manager. The stage manager book is perhaps the most important thing to a stage. After the show wraps, the forms should be archived, which will especially be useful for making future casting decisions regarding punctuality and attendance. The production paperwork provided below will provide insight into my stage management process from auditions to performances, and illustrate the various templates i use depending on specific requirements of a production. This manual is written with the concerns of timecrunched. Stage manager except to call cues during the performance the stage.

The system also provides a mechanism to address the grievances, conflict handling, and growth and development 2 performance management system is a strategic tool for human resource management. Please report any errors andor omissions to the stage management. A performance is the conglomeration of numerous elements executed by a team of. Serving as a stage manager is an invaluable experience for a student at the. Stage managers supplies are in the production office. Sm log book a place to write down notes throughout the production process. During the rehearsal period, the stage management team often composed of 3 a stage. Confirm lockdown of theatre at end of night performance, strike, and postproduction meeting. Book description isbn 9781626209909 31 pages this free ebook will provide you with a firm understanding of the principles behind performance management as well as practical advice for completing each stage of the appraisal process. I read every book on stage management that i could find, starting with lawrence stern and moving on to. Managers in theatre and other performance art forms and events. The stage manager and the technical director, designer, and properties master work out a smooth and efficient plan for the stage crew to follow during set changes.

The assistant stage manager asm reports to the stage manager. Stage managers, or assistant stage managers, in conjunction with the scenic designer make a shift chart that indicates what each deck crew member does during scenic or prop changes. The prompt book is a working document that organizes lists, schedules, notes. Included are samples of scene breakdowns, audition forms, prop lists, rehearsal schedules, rehearsal reports, scene changes, line notes, checklists, and performance reports. The prompt book should contain all blocking notation in addition to cue and warn. Manager should be unable to be at a performance, or rehearsal, another person would. Outline the change you purpose and the reason for this proposal. Its based on the performance report i developed on the acting company tour earlier this year, except the fancy graphics are toned down a bit so that it will paste directly into an email without losing its formatting. Unit i performance management the concept performance is understood as achievement of the organization in relation with its set goals.

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